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Are you prepared to navigate the 
challenges of your career transition?
Discover the key to finding - and landing - the job 
you love in far less time with little to no stress!

Are you pursuing job opportunities you know you’re qualified for ...
...yet you’re getting no traction?
Would you like to avoid the typical torture of a drawn-out job search and pinpoint the exact areas that need your focus, allowing you to find a job you love in far less time?

The Career TPS - your Transition Performance Snapshot -
 is designed to equip you with a clear roadmap and important first glimpse into what it’s going to take you - personally - to
 successfully find your next job easily and quickly.
And you can complete it in just minutes!

Do you relate to any of these issues?

  • I can’t stand this job any more.
  • I don’t understand - I keep sending resumes but I’m not getting any responses.
  • I will not be held hostage by my career anymore - I must create balance and more time for my health and my relationships with my sweetheart, my family and friends.
  • ​Ugh. I hate networking. I’m getting nowhere. Am I doing something wrong?
  • ​I need to find something before another month goes by - I don’t want to be perceived as “damaged goods”.
  • I haven’t been through the job search process in SUCH a LONG TIME. I’m quite sure I don’t know the best way to navigate it.
  • ​I have been getting good interviews and meetings. I get SO close to landing my next job, and I’m frustrated and exhausted from coming in second and third place. 

What You Will Discover From This Powerful Assessment:

On average, a career transition can take 6 to 12 months - or more! This often causes financial burden, stress, and burnout, but it doesn’t have to.
If you’ve been getting frustrated with networking or submitting applications for the job you truly want - the position that will bring you financial security, career satisfaction and personal happiness - it’s time to get laser-focused on the areas you need to strengthen.

If you’re just getting started, it just makes sense to get laser-focused on the areas you need to strengthen.

In this free, brief assessment, you will get a valuable snapshot of your readiness in each of the 11 areas that are vitally important for a successful career transition. Several different skills - some of which you’ve developed to different degrees throughout your career - must come together seamlessly to help you set yourself apart as the one absolute best candidate.

Over the past 21 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders from a wide variety of industries and roles, including finance, manufacturing, strategic planning, marketing, enterprise sales, technology, law, commercial and residential real estate, entertainment, communications, non-profits NGO’s and many others, equipping them for success and happiness. Now, I offer my cutting-edge strategies for you to put them to work for you.
When you take the 5-7 minutes it takes to complete your assessment, we’ll send you a customized report - your Career Transition Performance Snapshot. Your “Career TPS” is like a GPS - only more important! We will also send you valuable resources and strategies designed to meet your individual career transition needs.
  • Knowing that your resume and cover letter stand out like a swan in a sea of ducklings to hiring parties
  • Having the confidence and skills to nail your interview and build rapport and seemingly be “pre-selected” as THE prized candidate
  • Understanding how to easily and effectively network to find the real leadership roles - 80 percent of which are in the “hidden job market” to optimize your job search
  • Landing the job you truly want in a fraction of the time
  • ​Negotiating a compensation package that covers your bills, honors your value and supports a lifestyle you truly deserve after the long, hard work you’ve already done in your career.
It all starts with knowing how to fit all the pieces of your career transition “puzzle” together - and knowing which areas need your focus. Your Career Transition Performance Snapshot is the tool you need!

“Jonathan Flaks has provided insightful coaching for me in my career planning and job search as well as invaluable leadership counsel in the first several months after I landed my position. Jonathan has a unique style that goes beyond the typical “by the book” practices in bringing out the best in his clients.” 

Bill Ruggiero - Finance Executive,
Goya Foods

“My relationship with Jonathan has guided me to my dream job and an improved life. If you have 
the opportunity to work with Jonathan, you’ll quickly realize the value of having a dependable, strategic advisor.”

James Riina - Managing Director,
Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate

“During our first session, I was amazed by Jonathan's ability to distill my discussion of career trajectory and passions into a pithy and accurate description of a career objective. Jonathan's focus on marketing, and marketing oneself, also helped me reframe and sharpen my presentation of my professional abilities. I found my experience working with him to be of great value.”

Nina Orville - Principal/Founder,
Abundant Efficiency

Jonathan Flaks

Executive Coach & 
Career Catalyst 

Here's my bio:

Jonathan Flaks is a pioneer and an expert in the executive career coaching profession and is committed to outstanding career success and satisfaction for all. Since 1998 he's helped hundreds of people enhance leadership and communication to confidently get results and get hired

His clients come from industries including finance and private equity, real estate and construction management as well as media, entertainment and marketing. With a 30-year business background, Jonathan has worked with people from a wide array of companies including Disney, Sony/BMG Entertainment, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Goya Foods, Kohl Construction, The Corcoran Group, The Riverside Company, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, IBM, LEGO and the United Nations.

In a sea of 50,000 career coaches worldwide, Jonathan was one of the first 500 to be granted the International Coach Federation's Master Certified Coach (M.C.C.) credential, the highest in the coaching profession. He earned a dual degree from Cornell University, and has taught leadership and coaching skills at New York University.

He authored “Income Double – Half the Trouble” and created the audio program “Who Are You, Inc., Bringing Out Your Best In Business.”

Jonathan is dedicated to having you BE THE ONE absolute best candidate for the job you'll love. We foster great relationships and are champions for you getting the recognition you deserve.

Your outstanding career success and satisfaction is our business.
The Career TPS provides valuable insights and self-discovery in only 5-7 minutes. 
Don’t procrastinate - don’t let ANYONE else get the interviews YOU deserve...take action! 
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